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Featured Story: Caitlin and Robbie

Robbie and Caitlin met each other in college in 2013 in Spokane Washington when the two of them ended up at a mutual friends house together, and while Robbie immediately had a huge crush on Caitlin, he had to move just a month later to Chicago to go to a different school and soon after Caitlin would move to Seattle as a children’s cancer care nurse. 

6 years passed, they both had wandered off seeking out careers always wondering who they would ‘end up with’ until, in 2019, Robbie (a New England native) saw an instagram story from Caitlin and how she was looking into moving to Boston to work at Boston Children’s Hospital in the cancer care unit. Though she was “way out of his league” and they hadn’t ever really had a meaningful conversation, Robbie quickly shot off a suave message saying he could “show her around the city if she were ever interested”. Wink. wink.

It turns out that she did want to be “shown around the city” and soon after that, they were inseparable! Except …. she didn’t end up getting the job in Boston and they were forced to be 4000 miles from one another for the first months of their relationship – besides bi-monthly trips to go see one another.

Undeterred, Robbie and Caitlin fell head over heels for each other and the more time he spent getting to know her, the more he was convinced she was the one with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

After returning to Massachusetts from a 2 week long trip visiting Caitlin in Seattle, Robbie began exploring engagement options with Cindis in early April of 2020 – just as Covid-19 was shutting everything down. Bewildered by the amount of different engagement rings to choose from on the internet, he sent Cindi the pinterest board that Caitlin had been creating for her future fiance.

Because of the rings Caitlin had chosen to like on pinterest, Cindi and Robbie knew Caitlin wanted something elegant and delicate, but also something that would hold up under the labor of being a nurse and constantly putting on and taking off gloves.

Despite how overwhelming picking out the right ring could be, Robbie was determined to create something that perfectly fit Caitlin.

Luckily, Cindi was there to make the process feel simple and easy. After searching and finding a base ring from Cindis site that was a good starting point for what he wanted

Classic Diamond Engagement Ring with Detailed Milgrain Band Classic Diamond Engagement Ring with Detailed Milgrain Band 

Robbie was able to change each part to make it exactly what he imagined Caitlin would like. The center diamond was switched out with a beautiful oval shaped diamond, secured with 8 separate claw prongs (a style Robbie had seen in his research which he admired) and they switched out the diamonds next to the center for larger pear shaped diamonds. As an added bonus, he also snuck 2 tiny round diamonds under the center mounting that he knew only she would really ever see.

He had it originally rendered in Rose Gold because of how trendy and pretty it looked (the CAD picture can be seen here) but soon decided on 14k Yellow because it would match everything else she already wore.

He sneakily planned a trip for her to come out and, though she had suspicions of a proposal happening, Caitlin’s mom ruined her hopes by revealing that Robbie hadn’t spoken to Caitlin’s father yet for permission (though unknown to her, he actually had).

She disappointedly boarded her plane and flew to New England where he had planned a trip full of sight seeing around the North Shore, the Cape, with a drive in movie and sightseeing fun which all culminated ultimately in Newport, Rhode Island on Graves Point.

Because Robbie is a videographer, his camera didn’t raise any suspicions and Caitlin thought he just wanted to take some cute photos of the two of them on the rocks with the ocean in view- but then soon he nervously got on his knee and she knew what was happening.

He held the dazzling ring before her, she said,” Yes, of course!” wiping away tears and now they’re planning their long awaited wedding for the fall.

Robbie knew he knocked it out of the park when he first heard her say, “Oh my gosh! This ring is mine! I never thought I’d own a ring this nice!” and also from a story Caitlin told of how, in the airport, after her flight from Boston back to Seattle, an older man who had sat nearby asked Caitlin, “excuse me, are you married?”

She curiously answered, “actually i just got engaged a few days ago, why do you ask?”

“haha,” he laughed, “I thought so. I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve been staring at and playing with that ring of yours for the entire flight.”

And that’s what we love to do here at Cindis.

See the video of the engagement moment and the ring below.


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We’re so excited to invite you back in! Simply schedule an appointment or call/ text us at 1.508.543.4943 or using the text widget in the corner of your screen.

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