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Featured Story: Ryan & Angela


Angela and Ryan

By Angela,

We met each other in our High School Science class in May 2010. The second I entered science class, I immediately asked my friends who “that boy” was sitting across the way. My friends told me his name every day upon me asking because I could never remember his last name! Every day I saw him, the bigger the crush I had on him. He was always the last one to enter class and the first one to leave class once the bell rang. I could never find a chance to talk to him and even if I did get the chance to talk to him, I would have a stomach full of butterflies!

2010 was the year I was graduating High School, and Ryan still had one more year. Since I was going to College in the fall, I figured Ryan and I would never see each other again. Well, that all changed when we ran into each other at a concert in June of 2010! Talk about butterflies! We finally exchanged numbers and I could not have been more excited! A few weeks went by without talking but finally, with some hesitation and full of nerves, I texted Ryan. Needless to say it was the best decision I have made, because 10 years later, here we are!

In 2019 Ryan popped the question! FINALLY! As a young girl I had dreamt about getting married and having a beautiful wedding and now my dream was coming true!

On Friday July 26th , 2019, Ryan had just come home from work and I was sitting on our back deck. It was a beautiful day and we had plans to go out for dinner – a typical Friday night for us.

Well, the night changed!

Ryan came out on our back deck, told me how much he loved me (and so many other wonderful things), got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him!! Of course my answer was YES! The moment, the ring, the day and of course, my FIANCÉ were all so perfect!! Ryan had planned a party with our family and friends that night and we were able to celebrate our new engagement!

BUT, back to the ring, the best part about my new engagement ring was that it is my Nana’s diamond from when she was engaged! This meant the world to me: having something that was so important and meaningful to my Nana now being my engagement ring and being something I can always wear to remember her!

Not only is the diamond beautiful, but also the design of the entire ring is more than perfect! I think back to our engagement day and night and can’t help but smile! To this day, years later, I am constantly looking down at my finger in awe and we could not be happier to spend a wonderful life together!

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